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Airica monitors the air in your rooms and ensures greater health and well-being. Thanks to Airica, your guests are better protected from virus transmission in autumn and winter.

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"Previously, we mainly opened the windows or turned the ventilation up a notch at our discretion to improve the air quality, but now, thanks to AIRICA's measuring device, we receive the exact data to be able to react in time. I am proud that we are allowed to play a pioneering role in this area."

Juan Carmody, Owner of Restaurant Casa Aurelio

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What is AIRICA?

Professional indoor air quality monitoring

AIRICA measures indoor air quality, such as CO2 (NDIR technology), temperature, humidity, volatile organic components, and provides real-time feedback when indoor air quality exceeds thresholds (e.g., 900 ppm CO2). 

AIRICA meets Covid-19 Taskforce requirements, and protects employees and visitors from indoor virus transmissions. 

AIRICA is quick and easy to install, maintenance-free, and scalable to all rooms in the restaurant.

Die Smarte Lösung für ihr Restaurant

  • CO2-Measurement

    The correct measurement of CO2 in the air is complex, and the technologies used vary. AIRICA uses high precision sensors with NDIR technology as recommended by the Covid 19 Taskforce. In addition, the wireless sensor are discreet and can be placed anywhere.

  • Temperature and humidity

    In addition to CO2 measurement, temperature and humidity are also relevant. Warm, dry air, as is often found indoors in winter, is conducive to virus transmission.

  • Calibration of the sensors

    The CO2 sensor in particular must recalibrate regularly, otherwise the measured values will no longer be correct after a few months. With AIRICA sensors, this is done automatically every week, even in 5 years' time.

  • Configure your Lights

    Designer lamps with real-time feedback on indoor air quality can be assigned to a room with one click. These devices allow individual configuration of the light treshhold to suit your specific use case.

Full control of your Data

Guests can access current air quality readings via QR-code.

Our room sharing feature allows you to give employees, guests and visitors access to the current air quality values. A room-specific and dynamic QR-code is generated, which points to an access-controlled link. The QR-code can be printed as a PDF or sticker and shared with your employees and visitors.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality Label

Convey safety with the help of the AIRICA label

Thanks to AIRICA, you are able to prove healthy indoor air. Use the AIRICA Healthy Indoor Air Quality Label to show that you value good indoor air quality and give your guests peace of mind. By scanning a QR code, guests can now convince themselves of your good indoor air quality within seconds.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality Label

Airica's benefits for restaurants and bars

Added value for guests and establishments

Reduce the infection risk of viral transmissions for guests and staff

Good air quality has been proven to significantly reduce the transmission of viruses and improve the health of your employees and customers. Allow all guests a carefree visit to your restaurant.

Improve human well-being

AIRICA monitors air quality by measuring indoor CO2 levels, temperature, pressure, humidity and VOC content. Our solution detects unhealthy indoor conditions and enables the user to take action to create a healthier environment.

Convey safety to your guests with the AIRICA quality label

With the help of the AIRICA quality label, you can do marketing and convey safety to your guests. By scanning a QR code, guests can be assured of the good air quality within seconds.

Optimize space management

AIRICA combines measurements via sensors with sophisticated artificial intelligence. This allows you to monitor actual room usage and occupancy (BETA). Detailed statistics in the AIRICA dashboard help you improve space management and increase security.
Airica Starter-Kit without Light

For Restaurants and Hotels

Starter-Kit for Restaurants and Hotels

Reduce the possibility of another site closure

- Monitoring of air quality in 5 rooms at one location

- Recording and evaluation of air quality

- Batterypowered (runtime 5 years), wireless, can be placed anywhere

- Including one year AIRICA Managed Service*

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