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Starterkit registration and installation guide

Thank you for choosing AIRICA Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Starterkit powered by Miromico, a professional, scalable B2B indoor air quality solution. To use all the functionality of your Starterkit (LoRa WAN LTE Gateway, IAQ sensor, and feedback lamp) you have to register and create a login.

Create Login for Starterkit

Step-by-step Installation instuctions

For the installation you have to follow these instructions:


Register in the AIRICA app and create your User Login. Please enter your email address and the ID's from your Gateway, Sensor, and Feedback Lamp. Within 24 hours you will receive access to the AIRICA app, allowing you to use the Starterkit.


Mount the Antenna 868 at the LoRa socket and the LTE on the WWAN socket. Afterwards, connect the gateway with the power supply. The 4 LED lights on the Gateways shine in green colors. If they don't please check if the Antennas are mounted correctly and plug in the gateway once again.


Install the sensor in the room where you want to measure the indoor air quality. Mount or stick the sensor between 0.8 and 1.8 meters above ground to the wall. It takes some minutes until the Sensor is connected with the gateway.

Feedback Light

Place the Feedback Lamp in the room where the sensor is installed. Connect the lamp with the power supply. The lamp starts flashing, changes to green, and switches off. it takes some minutes until the Feedback Lamp is connected with the gateway.

Airica App

Once you have received your login, you can log into the Airica App where you can configure your room and you have access to the sensor data.

Airica Starter-Kit with Light

Your indoor air quality starter kit contains:

  • 1 LoRa WAN LTE Gateway from Miromico with a SIM Card from BICS (200 MB data included): Contains a gateway, 2 antennas, power supply and Mirco-USB cable in white 

  • 1 AIRICA Indoor Air Quality sensor: Contains IAQ sensor and a wall mount kit (2 screws and 2 self-adhesive stripes 

  • 1 AIRCA Feedback Light: Contains AIRICA lamp, power supply, a black USB-C cable, and a wall-mount kit (1 screw and 1 self-adhesive stripe)   

  • 1 year access to the AIRICA App: Contains access to AIRICA dashboard and features via

Create Login for Starterkit

Light Tresholds

When will the feedback lamp light up?

The CO2 level correlates with the number of aerosols in the room. A higher number of ppm leads to a higher risk of infection with Covid-19 or other viruses.

For detailed information about installation and our app, visit The light informs you when the amount of CO2 increases.

  • Lamp off

    When the CO2 level is good, the light is off (< 900 ppm).

  • Lamp is green

    The CO2 level is between 900-1'000 ppm. We suggest ventilating and letting in fresh air.

  • Lamp is orange

    The CO2 level is between 1'000-1'400 ppm and too high. To avoid the risk of infections, ventilate the room and let in fresh air.

  • Lamp is red

    The CO2 level is between 1'400-1'850 ppm and too high. The air quality is concerningly bad. Ventilate the room immediately.

  • Lamp blinks red

    The CO2 level is higher than 1'850 ppm. The air quality has reached a dangerous level. Please leave, and ventilate the room immediately.

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AIRICA Support

+41 43 508 24 47