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AIRICA meets the People’s Network

AIRICA is passionate about Helium’s vision of starting a wireless revolution by building a decentralized, blockchain-powered wireless infrastructure. That’s why all AIRICA sensors are compatible with The People’s Network!

More about Helium

“We are happy to welcome AIRICA to The People’s Network! Helium’s open network will help AIRICA  expand globally faster and reduce the cost of adoption. Customers will be provided with unprecedented value via air quality and building utilization recommendations without being required to build an entire network infrastructure.”

Frank Mong, Chief Operating Officer,  Helium Inc.

Helium Introduction

Decentralized LoRaWAN

Helium provides a decentralized, blockchain-powered LoRaWAN network that is rapidly expanding worldwide. By deploying a simple gateway, anyone can provide network coverage to surrounding IoT devices and earn rewards in Helium’s native cryptocurrency token, HNT. In addition, IoT service providers like AIRICA can send data over The People’s Network without managing their own networking infrastructure. 

AIRICAs IAQ Solution on Helium Network

No gateway required

Check the Helium Explorer to see if The People’s Network is available in your area and order an AIRICA service package of any size. The beauty of this option is that no network gateway is required!

Run AIRICA and deploy a Helium Hotspot (Coming soon)

Deploy a Helium gateway

This is the right option for you if The People’s Network is not yet available in your area. AIRICA will host a Helium-compatible gateway on your behalf. By mining Helium’s cryptocurrency HNT, we will be able to provide AIRICA at lower costs. Reach out if you want to know more!